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The Problem

Unlimited Internet access comes with its challenges, especially for children and including an unprecedented likelihood of exposure to pornography. 

*According to enough.org.

The Solution

What is Canopy? How does it work?

Canopy is a parental control app that uses artificial intelligence to block porn in real-time, prevents sexting, allows parents to choose what apps and websites their kids use, and tracks device location. 

Canopy works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Canopy can’t removed from child’s device without a parent knowing about it. There are no hacks. No workarounds. And our porn filter catches everything, including porn that other filters miss.

Our Vision

Technology should put families first. 

And Canopy is here to help. Canopy protects kids from explicit content and prevents sexting, giving parents the peace of mind they need to let their kids explore the virtual world.  

But Canopy doesn’t just help families by blocking content. By facilitating transparency, trust, and opportunities for important conversations, it also empowers parents and children to learn and grow together where it matters most – in the real world. 

We created Canopy to give families a safer Internet experience while also creating freedom.


Sean Clifford, CEO

Sean is the founder and CEO of Canopy. He has years of experience working at the intersection of tech, culture, and politics, and is passionate about expanding families’ access to technologies that help them flourish. He previously served as Vice President of Baron Public Affairs, where he helped innovators navigate political and cultural trends. Sean earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, an MA from St. John’s College, and a BA from Williams College.

Sean and his wife live in Austin, TX. As the father of four, he is highly motivated to get this right!

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