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Porn Filtering & Blocking

Complete Privacy

Powerful Technology to Completely Block Porn

Canopy utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect pornographic and inappropriate images and videos – even within websites which are otherwise safe to explore! Problematic media will be blocked by Canopy in real-time before it reaches your screen.

Canopy works on every device you may use in your day-to-day life, with support for iPhones, Mac, Android, and Windows.

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Everything you need to quit watching porn

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AI-Powered Porn Filtering and Blocking

We block thousands of porn sites. But we also protect our users from the explicit and inappropriate media on regular websites you might need or want to access every day. Our powerful tech analyzes photos and videos for porn (and partial nudity!) in real time, before it can reach your screen. 

Removal Prevention and Accountability

Canopy provides options for accountability and removal prevention. With an accountability buddy signed up for activity reporting, you’ll have someone to help you stay within the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. Our Removal Prevention feature works to preempt any temptation to delete the app or turn off protection from your device. 

Real-Time Sexting Prevention

We keep you from sexting by blocking incoming images or videos with nudity or partial nudity, and by preventing such images from being captured on your phone.

Complete Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We don’t scan your emails, text messages, phone calls, or live video, and we don’t sell your data under any circumstances.

The Best Porn-Blocking Solution

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Porn Filtering
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Helping Adults Quit Porn

“A friend asked for help to fight off his porn addiction and I found this app to have the best-inbuilt filtering... It does the job pretty well I can say.”


“I blocked my web browsing and all social media apps. Then I asked my accountability partner to hinder any chances of altering the Canopy changes I made. By God's grace, it worked. This app makes it tough to access inappropriate content.”


“Great app, easy to use. In my mind it's one of the best solutions to addressing a serious problem that comes with mobile phones for people of ALL ages, not just kids.”


How do I get started with Canopy’s Porn Blocking Software?

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