Set healthy limits for your family and let Canopy do the rest.

Set healthy limits for your family and let Canopy do the rest.

Canopy helps you keep your kids safe online.

Filter out inappropriate material on your kid’s phones, schedule device downtime, and know if your kids have left home or school.

Canopy has six amazing features that help your kids make smart decisions with their devices.

Smart Filtering

Blocks Every Explicit Site

Canopy scans websites in real time and instantly blocks all pornographic sites, even if they are brand new.

Filter Within Websites
Canopy is the only app that can filter out inappropriate images and videos on sites without having to block the entire site. You also have the option to filter out suggestive content containing partial nudity, like a revealing swimsuit photo.

With Canopy

Without Canopy

A filter that can’t be hacked

Anti-Tampering Features

Rest easy knowing that Canopy is always on and always working. With our anti-tampering features, you can prevent children from removing or disabling Canopy without parental permission.

Custom URL, App & Category Blocking

URL and App Blocking

Block any website or app you’d like just by adding the URL or app name to your custom list.

Category Blocking
You can also block entire categories like gambling or social media. If it looks like a website has been blocked by mistake, your child can send you a request to unblock it.

Sexting Prevention

Suggestive Detection
Canopy detects when a device has taken a suggestive picture. Canopy will ask your child if they’d like to keep the flagged photo or send a copy to you for review.
Remote Approval

If they ask for review, you’ll be notified immediately and given the choice to approve the image or delete it remotely if necessary.

Scheduling Downtime

Help your kids learn to use their devices wisely by setting healthy limits on when your child can go online. Create daily or weekly rules for device downtime, like during dinner or when it’s time to go to bed.

Location Check-ins

Anytime, Anywhere
Get instant location check-ins whenever you need.
Set Favorite Locations
Get notified if they leave a specified location, like home or school.

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Have questions about Canopy?

Canopy is the only digital parenting app that detects and blocks pornography on every single website on the internet. It’s also the only one that alerts parents immediately when it detects sexting, so they address it in a conversation with their kids. With Canopy, parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe, no matter where their online adventures take them.

Canopy can be installed on a variety of devices, including:

  • Android devices (smartphones and tablets) running Android 5.0 or higher
  • iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or higher
  • Apple computers running a recent version of MacOS
  • Any computer running a recent version of Windows

You can use any combination of devices with Canopy as long as they both meet those specifications. For example, if you have an iPhone but your child has an Android tablet, Canopy will work.

Canopy uses advanced computing technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to instantly recognize and filter out pornographic content online and on your child’s smartphone camera. 

It’s easy! Just click the “Start Free Trial” button to create your account. Once you do, we’ll lead you through the process of installing Canopy on your child’s first device. 

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Canopy is a new, safer
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