Worried about what will appear next on your or your child’s TikTok feed?

I was the same. It’s like playing a game of Russian roulette only instead of bullets, its vulgar or borderline pornographic content mixed in with innocent videos.

So I took action and found ways to block inappropriate content from appearing on my child’s TikTok. And to be honest, I didn’t want to see it either.

You can block inappropriate content on TikTok too with these three methods:

  • Method 1: Canopy (a Parental Control App and Porn Blocker)
  • Method 2: TikTok’s Family Pairing and Restricted Mode
  • Method 3: Browser Extensions (browser filters only, won’t work on the app)

Read on for step-by-step instructions and details of each so that you can apply these methods to your or your family’s TikTok accounts.

Best Method Overall: How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok Using Canopy (a Parental Control App and Porn Blocker)

Here’s the method, the benefits and step-by-steps for how to block adult content on TikTok with Canopy.


Canopy is a parental control app and porn blocker for adults that filters out and blocks inappropriate content on the web including TikTok (and any other social media site, browser, or website). It can also block TikTok app access altogether with some filtration capabilities.

Watch the video below to find out how the filter feature works:


Canopy’s ability to filter out inappropriate content in real-time keeps your child from seeing it.

Canopy also has features that build better digital habits and keep them safe such as location alerts, sexting prevention, screen time limits, and removal prevention.

Sexting prevention is one that really comes in handy if you’re parenting a teen or want to be sure your child isn’t being sent inappropriate photos from predators, groomers, or sextortionists.

Why Canopy is number one:

With Canopy, you can block sites, apps, and filter out inappropriate content before it appears on the page. This applies to ads as well as posts that contain different levels of nudity.

And Canopy’s protection works across all device types and browsers (iPads, iPhones, Androids, PCs, Macs, and more).

Watch the video below to hear why parents trust Canopy to protect their family.

How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok Using Canopy

Here’s how I blocked inappropriate content on TikTok using Canopy.

1. Set Up Your Canopy account: Sign up for a free trial of Canopy.

2. Download the ‘Canopy for Kids’ app: You need to install the app on any device you want to restrict inappropriate content on. That can be your own device or a child’s.  

And that’s actually it! Once the app is installed it will filter out adult content on TikTok. Canopy works best in browsers but can filter content out in apps too.

There are additional steps you can follow to block specific websites if you want to get rid of TikTok access altogether or block other sites.

And if you do want to block the TikTok app on your phone or tablet, Canopy does that too.

Just read our guide and follow the steps: How to Block TikTok on Your Phone: 5 Methods [ iPhone & Android].

→ Or get started with Canopy right away and protect your family from inappropriate content online. ←

Method 2: How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok Using TikTok’s Family Pairing and Restricted Mode

Here’s the method, its benefits, and step-by-step instructions to help you block inappropriate content on TikTok using its Restricted Mode features.


TikTok offers a few safety and privacy settings that can help block or limit the display of inappropriate content. It’s best if you pair your child’s account to yours and put restrictions in place from Family Pairing.


TikTok’s settings are free and don’t require any 3rd party installations.

Why it’s second best:

While TikTok’s built-in settings offer some control, their restrictions vary between the app and the browser version, leaving you and your family susceptible if going between the two.

It’s also far from foolproof and new content may take a while before it is filtered out of feeds and flagged as inappropriate.

TikTok’s settings might not be as effective as using a tool like Canopy.

How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok Using  Family Pairing and Restricted Mode

Here are the exact steps I took to block inappropriate content on TikTok using its restricted mode (through Family Pairing).

1. Sign in to TikTok: Begin by logging into your TikTok account on your mobile device.

2. Tap on the profile icon: This will be located in the bottom right corner of the main screen.

3. Click the ‘hamburger’ menu: Located at the top right corner of your profile page, this will open the settings and privacy menu.

4. Select ‘Family Pairing’: Here, you’ll have the option to either ‘Link a Parent’s account’ or ‘Link a Teen’s account’. Choose as per your requirement and follow the on-screen prompts.

5. Scan the QR code: A QR code will appear, take a photo of it with the phone you’re linking to or send an invite to your child’s phone.

6. Set up content restrictions: Click on the linked profile and head to ‘Restricted Mode’. Turn it on.

7. Set a passcode: Protect the setting by setting a passcode your child doesn’t know.

Remember, even with these settings, it is possible for some inappropriate content to slip through.

For a more comprehensive solution, consider using Canopy which uses advanced AI to filter content more effectively.

Method 3: How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok with a Browser Extension

Here’s the method, the benefits, and step-by-step instructions to help you block adult content on TikTok using a browser extension.


Browser extensions can provide additional layers of defense by blocking certain websites or categories of content. Many extensions permit users to either set custom filters or utilize preset ones, and a select few can even be effective on platforms like TikTok when accessed via the web.


Quick to install and often equipped with customizable settings, these extensions operate directly within your browser, facilitating real-time content filtration.

Why it’s third best:

A browser extension only works in the specific browser you install it in. So, if you use multiple browsers or devices, you would need to install it for each.

Also, they’re not as effective in blocking adult content within social media feeds. And if you use the TikTok app on your phone or tablet, this method is completely ineffective.

How to Block Inappropriate Content on TikTok Using Browser Extensions

1. Choose a browser extension: Research browser extensions for content filtering. A popular one is “BlockSite” for Chrome and Firefox.

2. Install the extension: Go to your browser’s extension store, find the extension, and install it.

3. Set up the extension: Most extensions have an ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ menu where you can customize the type of content you want to block.

4. Add TikTok content filters: If the extension allows, add custom filters for TikTok but this shouldn’t be necessary. The general blocking features should work when using the TikTok website (but not the app!).

If you want to block content on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, you can read our ‘how to block adult content’ guides for each.

Here they are:

Or you can get Canopy and be covered no matter where you’re browsing.

Should You Block TikTok All Together?

TikTok is a mixed bag. On one side, viral dances and laugh-out-loud trends. On the other, questionable content from questionable places. And the built-in filter isn’t foolproof.

Canopy works well on images, especially on the site version but there are other risks TikTok brings.

I find the comments sections on TikTok to be full of bullying and inappropriate language from other users.

So as parents, there’s a decision to make: Is TikTok appropriate for my child?

I personally made the choice to block TikTok on my children’s phones until they’re a little older. In the meantime, I let them scroll with me on my account where I have safety measures in place.

It works well for us and I use Canopy to make sure they can’t re-download the app to their phone without my say-so.

Common Questions I Get About Blocking Inappropriate Content on TikTok

How do I get rid of inappropriate videos on TikTok?

Go to the video, tap on the share button, and select “Not Interested.” This tells TikTok you don’t want to see similar content in the future.

You can also change your settings in the app to filter out content or better yet, rely on a tool like Canopy.

Can you block age-restricted content on TikTok?

Yes. Use TikTok’s Family Pairing feature to link your account with your child’s, then enable Restricted Mode. This filters out content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Go one step further with a comprehensive parental control app like Canopy.

Other Step-by-Step Guides for Blocking Content online:

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Ready to get started?

We built Canopy to empower families to enjoy a safer digital experience.

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You’re not in this alone.

Get helpful tips, stories, and resources from our network.