Worried about your teen watching porn?

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“Canopy helps keep the internet a safe space for young adults”

“With Canopy, parents can rest easy”

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“Best parental control app for older kids”

You're not alone. 75% of teens have been exposed to pornography online.

Repeated exposure to porn actually causes damage to a teen’s brain! The younger the teen, the more moldable the brain and the more difficult it will be to one day reverse the damage done by porn addiction.

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Here is how Canopy can help:​

With Canopy

Without Canopy


Filter and block porn and nudity.

Filter and block porn and nudity.

We block thousands of known porn sites and apps. But we also filter nudity and inappropriate images in real-time from otherwise safe sites such as TikTok and YouTube. You can also define specific websites and apps that you want to filter or block such as gambling and gaming websites.


Maintain protection, no matter what.

Teens easily find workarounds to other parental control apps. There are no loopholes with Canopy because it was designed with a tech-savvy teen in mind. Removal Prevention works to preempt any attempt to delete the app or turn off protection from the device.

Maintain protection, no matter what.


Protect your teens from sexting and sexual exploitation.

Protect your teens from sexting and sexual exploitation.

We keep your teen from purposefully or inadvertently sexting. Canopy blocks outgoing and incoming images and videos with nudity. Our anti-sexting technology keeps your teen safe from online predators and protects their reputation.

Trusted by parents of boys and girls worldwide

“Canopy has been a God-send in protecting my pre-teen son from pornography and sexually explicit material!” - Lori

“This app caught and alerted me to my teen son taking inappropriate photos of himself... Thankfully because of Canopy we put a stop to that behavior and a lesson was learned!” - V.

“I love having this app on my two teenage son’s phones to protect them from seeing things they shouldn’t.” - A.

Advanced technology that gives you peace of mind

What sets Canopy apart is our patented AI technology that filters porn and inappropriate images in real-time without having to block off complete websites and apps. This allows your teen to safely experience the internet while giving you peace of mind.

Complete privacy

We meet all global privacy certification standards including GDPR. We don’t scan your child’s emails, text messages, phone calls, or live video, and we don’t sell your data under any circumstances.

Get started in two easy steps:

Step 1.
Create your account and gain access to your parent dashboard. You can also download our Parent Dashboard App for easier parenting.

Step 2.
Download the Canopy Child App on your teen’s devices.

Your teen is now protected.

For just $8 a month

prevent your teen from suffering long-term mental health issues.