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Ensuring Safety for Kids on New Smartphones
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
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A Stanford study revealed over 1,000 illegal child abuse images in an AI training database, raising concerns about AI's role in child exploitation
shutterstock_1976786102, a leading artificial intelligence solution for combatting harmful digital content for kids and teens, announced that they have won three prestigious awards for their AI parental control solution.
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"Children's safety and privacy are paramount. Oversharing, or ‘sharenting,’ can expose them to potential risks," Yaron Litwin, chief marketing officer for the parental control app Canopy, tells Yahoo Life. Litwin adds that "protecting their digital footprint early on sets a precedent for responsible online behavior in the future, and avoids potential resentment towards the parent later in life."
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Technology is not the problem; it is unrestricted and unsupervised gaming, hyper-sexualization, and porn. Technological tools can, in fact, provide another layer of safety. Some online games have their own parental controls. You can also download a general parental control app for phones and computers. Canopy, for instance, uses artificial intelligence to detect and block pornographic images and videos on your child’s browser.
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Police departments warn about the new iPhone 'NameDrop' feature, which automatically shares contact info and images between nearby devices.
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