The Safest Way to Quit Porn: Don’t See It

Canopy’s Real-Time AI – Protecting You Before Harmful Content Reaches Your Screen

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Stay clean with a smarter approach to accountability.

By promoting mutual encouragement and shared responsibility, you’ll stay focused on your goals and change your habits faster.

Canopy vs. Covenant Eyes:
The Standout Choice

Canopy Others
Blocks adult sites
Filters content in real-time
Works on iOS + Android
Use your native browser
Protects your privacy
Set filtering levels
Filters social media
Prevent app removal

What real customers are saying

“It is by far the most comprehensive app my husband and I have found to fight his porn addiction. It has truly been a blessing to us.”

“The image filtering is excellent. I tested it on some adult Facebook and Instagram accounts, and any inappropriate photos were immediately blocked.”

“As an adult who uses it to stop himself from watching porn, it’s the most useful tool on the market in that I can’t easily circumvent it.”

“My husband and I use Canopy to protect ourselves, and our children as they start using devices. I love the peace of mind it gives – super simple to use and really works!”

“Canopy has been a game-changer in fighting online porn addiction. It’s the only filtering app that l’ve found that has no weak links.

“This app has been great in our church where we are trying to help men overcome addiction. Please reach out to Canopy support, they will help you!”

How Canopy works with an accountability partner

1. Start a free trial

Email & phone support included. Cancel anytime.

2. Simple Setup

Have your partner download the Canopy App to manage your settings.

3. Protect Devices

Download the Shield App on all the devices you want to protect.

4. Instant Security
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re protected online.

Join the Canopy+ accountability program

We’re inviting a select group to test and shape our new accountability program. This gives you access to:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canopy?

Canopy is an advanced internet safety application designed to make online experiences safer for families. It uses cutting-edge technology to filter inappropriate content, manage screen time, and provide detailed activity reports.

Canopy can be installed on a variety of devices, including:
Android devices (smartphones and tablets) running Android 5.0 or higher
iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 or higher
Apple computers running a recent version of MacOS
Any computer running a recent version of Windows
Chromebooks running Chrome OS
You can use Canopy across any combination of these devices, ensuring flexibility and comprehensive protection.
When you sign up for Canopy, you’ll receive a one-week free trial to explore all the features. After the trial, subscription plans are as follows:
Annual Plan:
  • $95.9 (equivalent to $7.99/month) for up to three devices.
  • $107.9 (equivalent to $8.99/month) for up to five devices.
  • $119.9 (equivalent to $9.99/month) for up to ten devices.
  • Billed annually.

Monthly Plan:

  • $9.99/month for up to three devices.
  • $11.99/month for up to five devices.
  • $15.99/month for up to ten devices.

Each plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. To cancel, you must do so via your Canopy web dashboard or the app store. Uninstalling the app does not cancel your subscription.

Getting started with Canopy is easy:
Sign up to start your free trial. Email and phone support are included, and you can cancel anytime.
Your accountability partner will download the Canopy app to manage protection settings.
Protect your devices by downloading the Shield app on each device you want to monitor.
Enjoy instant safety and peace of mind knowing you’re protected online.

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Canopy is a new, safer way to explore the Internet.


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Canopy is a new, safer way to explore the Internet.


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