Keep your family safer, online and offline

Canopy’s app for families blocks pornography, deters sexting, tracks location, and more

Your kids will thank you later

Give them the freedom to explore the online world without fear

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Block porn across the entire web

Canopy automatically scans every website your child visits and instantly blocks any that contain explicit images or videos. No exceptions.

don't block safe content

If a website contains a mixture of appropriate and inappropriate content, Canopy automatically detects and blocks the bad stuff without blocking the good – even within a single webpage!

prevent sexting

Canopy detects sexting and alerts parents when necessary, so they can help their kids make smart choices about the pictures they take and share.

15-minute setup

Canopy is easy to use and doesn’t require additional hardware and or a special browser. Simply download Canopy Kids to your child’s device and manage it from the Parent Dashboard.

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Watch the video below to see how Canopy empowers families to experience a safer internet

Protection on all your devices.

Canopy works seamlessly across most smartphones, tablets, and computers* including Apple, Android, and Microsoft operating systems. Manage up to ten kids’ devices from one admin account. See which devices are compatible.

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Families everywhere trust Canopy

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Complete Security Bundle

SmartSafe Internet Filter, Sexting Prevention Alerts, Removal Detection, and more

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Up to 3 protected devices

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Up to 10 protected devices

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7 days free • Cancel anytime

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You’re not in this alone.

Canopy is more than just a technology – it’s a community of like-minded parents who want to create a better future for those they love the most. Together, we are building a supportive network of experts and families who are driven by a common care and a shared vision for a better Internet experience.

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