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Ensuring Safety for Kids on New Smartphones
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Fox News
shutterstock_1976786102, a leading artificial intelligence solution for combatting harmful digital content for kids and teens, announced that they have won three prestigious awards for their AI parental control solution.
PR Newswire
Police departments warn about the new iPhone 'NameDrop' feature, which automatically shares contact info and images between nearby devices.
The Epoch Times
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With 35% of teens receiving sexts and 54% encountering explicit content online, Canopy emerges as a vital parental control app.
Yaron Litwin, Chief Marketing Officer at Canopy, warns against the dangers of sharing children's school photos online. He highlights the growing concern of 'sharenting'.
Digital Safety Expert Yaron Litwin from Canopy highlights the misuse of AI in creating child pornography and blackmailing teenagers.
Fox News
In today's tech-driven world, where 54% of teens encounter adult content online before age 13, often unintentionally, parents face the daunting task.
Meta, along with social media and adult content platforms, is funding the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Take It Down initiative.
VeryWell Family's list of best parental control apps includes Canopy as Best for Younger Kids.
VeryWell Family