Parenting in the digital world just like you do in the real one has some similarities. As your kids grow up and mature, you give them more and more privileges and freedom. You may have decided that your kids are old enough to have access to the family Netflix account on their own, so how do you ensure that they won’t land on a video you don’t think is appropriate for them? Netflix parental control is the answer.

(Hulu also has helpful parental control, if you use that service, too).

Netflix Parental Control: Get started by creating an individual profile for each child.

You can customize settings for each person who uses your Netflix account. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one child because you can tailor the settings for each kid based on their age and maturity level.

  1. Log on to your Netflix account
  2. Go to your Manage Profiles page
  3. Click Add Profile
  4. Optional: Select Kids or Teens (default settings you can change later)
  5. Click Continue

Netflix Parental Control: Manage individual profile settings

Netflix has several ways you can customize each child’s profile. To get started, follow these simple steps on the Netflix website. You are not able to edit Viewing Restrictions through the app on your device.

  1. Log on to your Netflix account
  2. Choose your own profile
  3. Hover over the icon for your account in the upper, right corner to reveal the dropdown menu
  4. Select Account
  5. Scroll down and expand the account you’d like to manage
  6. Click Change for each section you’d like to change or View for each of the section you’d like to view

Netflix Parental Control: What you can manage

Netflix does not require you to enter a password to change or view the following settings:

  • Language is straight forward and simply means selecting the language of movies and shows you can view. You may choose to only allow programs in your child’s own language or add ones in a language that they are learning in school.
  • Viewing Activity allows you to see what your child has watched.
  • Subtitle Appearance helps you choose the font size, color, and stylization for any videos watched with subtitles.
  • Ratings reveals what videos you have given a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.” Netflix uses that information to choose what content is suggested to you.
  • Playback Settings gives you the opportunity to decide if you want devices to autoplay the next episode after one has ended. You can also select the data usage that works best with your data plan: auto, low, medium, or high.
  • Order in My List determines whether Netflix suggestions for you will appear at the top of your chosen list or if they need to be added there manually.

Changing the Viewing Restrictions and Profile Lock requires you to enter your password so your child cannot change them without your permission.

  • Viewing Restrictions allows you to decide what maturity ratings are appropriate for your child. You can select anything from TV-Y (“designed to be appropriate for all children”) to NC-17 (“inappropriate for children under age 17”). It’s a sliding scale with nine choices. Teen profiles default on TV-14 (parents strongly cautioned—may not be suitable for ages 14 and younger), and kid profiles default to TV-PG/PG (“parental guidance suggested”). Under Viewing Restrictions, you can restrict any particular titles, regardless of their rating.
  • Profile Lock is particularly helpful if you have multiple children with different permissions. You can lock each profile, including yours, with a pin. For example, if you have a kindergartener and a high school junior, you can choose settings that are appropriate for each, being confident that your younger child won’t be exposed to content on the older child’s profile.

Netflix Parental Control: A Netflix Kids Experience

Netflix has created a unique user experience tailored for children. The design is simplified, removes any access to any account settings, and only allows “TV shows and movies carefully selected just for kids.” You can choose this under the Viewing Restrictions setting where you select the maturity rating that is applied to the profile.

Please note: “If you select a maturity rating that exceeds the level allowed for the Netflix Kids experience, then the Kids experience won’t be applied to that profile.

Canopy and Netflix Make Great Friends

Using both Canopy and Netflix parental control will protect those you love most. With Canopy, you can determine if they are allowed to access the app or website on their individual device, and when needed, you can choose to give them a break from endless videos. When your kids are using Netflix, you can be confident that they are only able to see movies and shows that you decide are appropriate for them.

Learn more about how Canopy works, and begin your free trial today.

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We built Canopy to empower families to enjoy a safer digital experience.

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You’re not in this alone.

Get helpful tips, stories, and resources from our network.