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internet safety for kids
How to Support a Child with Mental Health Issues
“We're one of the few companies that have really trained an algorithm to identify explicit images and we have about nine patents,” says Canopy CMO Yaron Litwin. “I think for many parents, they understand the threats. They don't always understand that there's a solution. Our technology kind of comes in and is able to block that out, in real time before the child is exposed to that.
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Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Fox News
In our digital era of boundless content, understanding and confronting this addiction is absolutely vital for those affected and their loved ones.
Good Men Project
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"There are tens of thousands of known cases in America every year, and the actual number is likely far higher", online security expert Yaron Litwin told the Express. "About 1 in 4 are up to 13 years old, with varying reports of how many are boys, but it appears to be a disproportionate percentage."
Daily Express
Identity theft isn't just something that happens to adults. Children have their identities stolen as well.
Business Insider
Smartphones offer both convenience and challenges for children.
Fox News
shutterstock_1976786102, a leading artificial intelligence solution for combatting harmful digital content for kids and teens, announced that they have won three prestigious awards for their AI parental control solution.
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Police departments warn about the new iPhone 'NameDrop' feature, which automatically shares contact info and images between nearby devices.
The Epoch Times
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With 35% of teens receiving sexts and 54% encountering explicit content online, Canopy emerges as a vital parental control app.